Russell Simpson

On June 28, 2013, I will be 69, and I started Chiropractic care at the age of 40.  For many years, I had worked as a locomotive engineer and helped raise a family and gardens, did car repairs, house repairs, all without any attention to the skeleton or nerves.

I needed to travel by auto to Mississippi from our home at Petersburg in southwestern Indiana and I wasn’t sure I could make the trip because of my physical discomfort.  So, at age 40, I started Chiropractic care and made two trips in four years, without difficulty!

My early care helped so much, I decided this was the best way I knew of to take care of my body.  Sinuses drained, no headaches, my back straightened and aches and pains were relieved.  Life got so much better I wondered why I hadn’t tried it earlier.

After I retired, I had a disabling numbness on my right side that the medics called a TIA (transient ischemic action).  After a night in the hospital for monitoring, I had Dr. Frank to check what was wrong.  He adjusted the top vertebra (the atlas) and it has been good for several years now.  Probably five years at least.  They check it regularly for me now.

Whether you have come to Hoosier Health Plus because of sickness or injury, I think you have chosen a good path to good care.  There are many helping hands here and each one cares about YOU!

Russell Simpson

Retired CSX Locomotive engineer


Thank you, Russell!!